Technical Report (former Hitachi Chemical)

Information in the technical reports is current on the date of issue and is subject to change without notice.

No.62/March 2020

Technical Report No.62

Hitachi Chemical Products Contributing to Mobility Business
Automobile Related Products for Environmental Conservation and Energy Saving
Primer-less Adhesive for Plastic back door Assembly
Development of Low Dielectric Constant Polyamide-imide Varnish with High Breakdown Voltage
Copper-Free Brake Pads with Stable Friction Coefficient
Reactor Cores and 3D-shaped Motor Cores Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy
Analysis of Water Consumption Mechanism of Lead Acid Batteries under Idling Stop System Operational Conditions
Isotropic Conductive Film “IC-01A” for Low Temperature Connection and High Dimensional Stability
New Low Transmission Loss & Halogen-Free Multi-Layer Material “MCL-LW-990G”
Low-Melting Vanadate Glass Vaneetect Series VS-1298M
High Toughness Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resin
Study on the Conformability Expression Mechanism of Our Easy Peel-Off Films Using Relaxation Times Measurement and Molecular Dynamics Simulation

No.61/March 2019

Technical Report No.61

Initiative for a Total Solution that Realizes the Customer's Idea and Contributes to the Development of Society
Action for a Total Solution that Reinforces the Packaging Materials Business
High Productivity Technology for Semiconductor Process
High Productive 3D Stacking Process NCF, “AK-400 series”
Granule-Type Encapsulating Compound for Compression Molding
Photosensitive Insulation Film, “PV series”
Dry Film Resists for Fine Line and Space Patterning, “RY-5100UT series”
Halogen-Free Multilayer Material with Ultra-Low CTE and Low Elastic Modulus, “GEA-775G”
Copper-Clad Stretchable and Flexible Film
Sintered, Highly Wear-Resistant Material for Turbochargers
Resin-Encased, Metallized, Humidity-Resistant Film Capacitor, “MKCP4T”
Non-fluid Latent Thermal Storage Material

No.60/March 2018

Technical Report No.60

Global Expansion of Energy Business -Understanding the True Needs of Business Partners-
New Product Development to Support Global Growth of Energy Storage Business
Demonstration of a Renewable Energy Self-Consumption System for an Apartment in Germany
Next Generation Wireless Battery Monitoring System (Gen.2)
New Technology for Industrial Lead Acid Battery
Development of Automotive Lead Acid Battery for Global Expansion
Ultra-Low Loss Build-up Film for Fine Pitch Applications, “AS-500HS”
New Evaluation Technology of EMC to Improve Electrical Reliability of High-Voltage Package
Thermal Conductive Sheet Containing Vertically Oriented Graphite Fillers “TC-BWP01” for FCBGA TIM1 Applications
Net Shape Reactor Core Using Newly Developed Insulating-Lubricant
Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Paste
Sintering Cu Bonding Paste that can be Sintered without Pressure

No.59/March 2017

Technical Report No.59

Approaches of Open Innovation to Develop Novel Products and Businesses for Global Market Growth
Open Innovative Activity of Total Solution for Semiconductor Packaging
Low-Temperature Curable Positive-Tone Photosensitive Dielectric Materials
Particle-Aligned Anisotropic Conductive Film (PAL-ACF) for Fine Pitch Interconnection
Low Transmission Loss/Low CTE Multilayer Material, “MCL-HS100”
Reliability Improvement Technologies for Epoxy Molding Compounds on Lead Frame Package
Insulating Varnish of Motor for Hybrid Vehicle and Electric Vehicle
Porous Aluminum for Heat Exchanger
Hot-melt Adhesive for Automotive Interior
Copper Free Brake Pads with Stable Friction Coefficient
Demonstration Project of Power System Stabilization with the Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System
New Development of High Heat Resistance and Low Dielectric Thermosetting Resin, “S. F. Resin”
Shock Absorbing Material
Exosomal mRNA Analysis kit from plasma and urine, “ExoComplete”
High-density Sintered Sprocket for Silent Chain Made by Die Wall Lubrication Compacting with Liquid Coating

No.58/March 2016

Technical Report No.58

Automotive Components Business of Hitachi Chemical Contributing to Environmental Conservation and Energy Saving
Automobile Parts for the Environment
Low Elastic Prepreg for Automotive Application “TD-002”, to Inhibit Solder Crack
Advanced Analysis of Lead-Acid Batteries
New Low Transmission Loss Material for Millimeter-wave Rader Module “AS-400HS”
Highly Thermal Conductive Mica Insulating Tape for Large-Capacity Generator
Advanced Thermal Insulator Using Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Porous Materials
Halogen Free and Low Transmission Loss Multilayer Material for Next Generation High Speed Applications: “MCL-LW-900G/910G”
Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive for Fine Dispensing
Advanced Analysis of Yellowing Transparent Film
Cu Paste for Low Temperature Metalization Process

No.57/March 2015

Technical Report No.57

Electrical Energy Storage Business of Hitachi Chemical Contributing to the Secure Social System and Environmental Conservation
Electrical Energy Storage Devices & Systems
Lithium-ion Battery System for Smart Grid
Flooded Type ISS Battery with Improved High Durability and High Charge Acceptance
Large Format Hybrid Energy Storage System for Power Leveling
Advanced analysis of LIB and Related Materials
Reusable Thermal Conductive Sheet Containing Vertically Oriented Graphite Fillers “TC-S01A”
Wavelength Conversion Particle
Concept & Situation of Open Laboratory
Low Dielectric Constant Multilayer Material for Mobile “MCL-E-78G”
New High Heat Resistant White Molding Compound for LED
Development of Heat-resisted Polymer for Magnetic Powder Coating
Silk Fibroin Sponge Sheet for Skin Care

No.56/March 2014

Technical Report No.56

Implementation of material business to materialize infinite possibilities and contribute to society
CFRP Recycling Technology Using Depolymerization under Ordinary Pressure
Photosensitive Film for HDI Optimized for DI
New Material for Fine Patterning Package Substrates by Semi-additive Process "PF-EL"
Next Generation Molding Compound GE-110 Series for BGA
Doping Paste for Photovoltaic Solar Cell
Tear Total IgE Detection Kit

No.55/May 2013

Technical Report No.55

Challenge to Create New Value Based on Uninterrupted Research and Development
Lithium Ion Battery
Energy Storage Devices and Systems
Functional Materials for the Smart Community
Semiconductor Wafer Process Materials
Film Technologies for Semiconductor & Electronic Components
Technology Trends and Future History of Semiconductor Packaging Substrate Material
Printed Wiring Board Supporting Cloud Computing
Resin Technology
Development Trend of Inorganic Materials and Our Developments
Automotive Parts for “Environment, Safety and Comfort Performance”
Trends in Environmental and Energy-saving Technology for Automobiles and Corresponding Developments in Powder Metallurgy
The Business Trend of In-Vitro Diagnostics: MAST CLA and Seratestam

No.54/March 2012

Technical Report No.54

Hitachi Chemical’s R&D Strategy
–Contributing to Society by Developing Superior Technologies and Products to Pioneer a New Era–
Thermal Management Materials
Recent Technology of Powder Metallurgy and Applications
Thermally Conductive Metal Substrate
Thermally Conductive Flexible Substrate with Heat-resistant Adhesive Layer
Helical-groove Bearing with Long Life for Fan Motors
Sintered Heat Resistant Material for Turbochargers
Photosensitive Solder Resist Film for Semiconductor Package “FZ Series”
Reliability of Cu Wire Packages and Molding Compounds
Techniques for Analyzing Underfill Materials for Semiconductor Packages
Halogen Free, High Elasticity and Low CTE Multilayer Material「MCL-E-700G(R)」
Anti-Fingerprint UV Curable Hard Coatings
Application of Layer-by-layer Assembled Nanoparticles to Anti-reflection Film