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Contract Development and Manufacturing for Regenerative Medicine

Image of Contract Development and Manufacturing for Regenerative Medicine

We provide contract development and manufacturing services for the regenerative medicine industry.

Our offerings include:

  • Contract Development Organization(CDO)
  • Contract Manufacturing Organization(CMO)
  • Documentations

- Contract Development Organization (CDO)
We offer high-quality process design to manufacture regenerative medicines.

Our process development services include:

  • Optimization and efficiency of unit operations through automation/new technology development, and other services
  • Closed processing to reduce the risk of contamination

- Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)
We offer clinical and commercial manufacturing under required regulations of each country in facilities under cGMP/GCTP.

Global Facilities

We respond flexibly to clients’ global development and commercial production needs through harmonized global common business practices and quality management system (QMS).


Japan Facility

Image of Japan Domestic Facility
* On 4th floor of this building

Yokohama facility is located approximately 20 minutes from Haneda International Airport,which is very good access for delivering cell products to domestic and global market.

Place:Yokohama city, Kanagawa prefecture
Total floor area:approximately4,400m2

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