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"NIKKALOY" is our trademark of the powder metal products which are produced from metal powders such as Iron, Copper and others in specific ratio in weight and compacted in tool then sintered at a temperature below melting point of main raw material. Lubricant is impregnated into the component pores using a vacuum draw operation and fully absorbed in post operation. Our bearings have been widely adopted for a variety of applications.

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Bearings for Low Sliding Velocity and High Load (NIKKALOY EK, EKH)

We offer suitable bearings developed for high load and low sliding velocity, such as joint bush of excavator. In addition, custom products for specialized conditions are made possible by the selection of appropriate lubricants.

High Performance Iron-bronze Bearings (NIKKALOY EAK)

With a specially designed composite, the bearing surface is rich in bronze. Such bearings provide excellent sliding properties and low coefficient friction.

Magnetic Fluid Bearings (SIM Unit)

“Magnetic Fluid Bearings” are the result of combining magnetic fluid with certain P/M materials. This unique process provides higher accuracy and lower noise at rotations exceeding 35,000rpm.

High Performance Bearings for Spindle Motors (NIKKALOY EAB)

We produce a variety of bearings materials, EAB series, for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM spindle motor applications. With careful selection on suitable lubricants, these bearings offer exceptional performance in wear resistance and lower power dissipation.

Bearings with Complex Shape

We produce complex shaped bearings that well fit on other components or manufactures multi functioning bearing that provides both of bearing and mechanical properties. This added value enables our bearings to be widely adopted in various industries.

Advantages of Powder Metallurgy (P/M)

  • To maintain closer dimensional tolerances
  • To eliminate or minimize machining
  • To minimize scrap losses by Near-net shaping
  • To permits a wide variety of alloy designs
  • To control porosity for self-lubrication
  • To supports moderate to high volume production