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"NIKKALOY" is our trademark of the powder metal products which are produced from metal powders such as Iron, Copper and others in specific ratio in weight and compacted in tool then sintered at a temperature below melting point of main raw material. Structural parts "NIKKALOY" has high productivity, and many features such as high accuracy, abrasion resistance, heat resistance. These have also been widely adopted throughout the valve of various engines.

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High Strength Materials

Our materials allow the manufacture of high-strength products with an increase in tensile strength of 20-30% over standard P/M materials. By the careful combination of various types of iron powder, high-densification technology and high-temperature sintering

High Machinability Materials

We offer products with higher machinability by controlling the amount of combined carbon and free graphite during sintering. Improved machinability is achievable while maintaining the integrity of product strength.

Aluminum Sinter-forged Materials

Our sinter-forged aluminum is adopted to connecting rods for many general purpose engine applications. The material offers twice higher contact stress limit and fatigue strength as connecting rod than conventional die-cast aluminum products.

Heat and Wear Resistant Materials for Valve Train (NIKKALOY EB)

Our materials, EB series, are for valve guides that provide excellent performance in wear resistance at higher temperature due to a technically advanced material composition. EB series have been widely adopted throughout the automotive industry worldwide.

Oxidation and Wear Resistant Materials for Turbo(NIKKALOY SUT/EW)

Our materials, SUT and EW series, are for application on turbo chargers. Such materials provide good wear and oxidation resistance with temperatures exceeding 700 degree for turbo charger applications due to stringent environmental issues.

Stainless Steel (NIKKALOY SU)

We offer stainless materials for a variety of applications. Through advanced technical experience, we have the ability to customize the composition of materials according to industry demands.

Soft Magnetic Materials: Powder Core (NIKKALOY EO/EU)

Our EU series of powder core can be applied to reactor cores with low core loss and heat resistance in a high-frequent field. Other EU series of powder core is suitable for injector stator cores of diesel engine applications. In either requirement, Our materials offer exceptional magnetic properties in consort with densification technology.

Advantages of Powder Metallurgy (P/M)

  • To maintain closer dimensional tolerances
  • To eliminate or minimize machining
  • To minimize scrap losses by Near-net shaping
  • To permits a wide variety of alloy designs
  • To control porosity for self-lubrication
  • To supports moderate to high volume production