Photosensitive Dry Film "PHOTEC"RY Series for PKG Board

Image of RY Series for PKG Board

RY series are aqueous type photosensitive films used for high density semiconductor package such as BGA, CSP and so forth. RY-5100 series have excellent adhesion and resolution and less resist foot and the other advantage.

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  • These films are suitable for semi-additive process with high adhesion, high resolution and stable line width.
  • Shorter resist foot can contribute to finer pattern manufacturing. Excellent resist profile (smooth resist side wall) results in smooth plating line profile.

Photo characteristics

(One of our data)

Item Unit RY-5115 RY-5125
Resist thickness µm 15 25
Exposure energy mJ/cm2 130 130
Adhesion (L/S=x/3x) µm 4 7
Resolution (L/S=x/x) µm 6 7

RY-5115 (L/S=10 µm/10 µm)

RY-5125 (L/S=10 µm/10 µm)