Carbon brushesIndustrial Carbon Brush -Series of MH, GH

Image of Industrial Carbon Brush -Series of MH, GH

A carbon brush is a contact component for passing current between a moving part and a stationary part in motor and generator etc. We have been working on various technical issues for more than 80 years since we started development in 1933 with the aim of be first carbon brushes maker in Japan. Currently, our carbon brushes are widely adapted as genuine part in large motors and generators used to railways, power plants, steelworks, etc.

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  • We can provide various shapes and materials of carbon brushes suitable for the application.
  • Even if you are using a carbon brush from another company, we will propose an equivalent product if you provide us the details conditions of use.
  • We can also propose and supply brush holders.

Application and Recommended Material

  • Railway application

Main motor (Traction motor) GH-720, GH-2431A
Auxiliary motor (Air compressor etc.) GH-911, GH-9111
Motor generator GH-530, GH-9111
Grounding (Earth) MH-78, MH-78A
  • Power plants

Turbine generator (excitation) GH-911, GH-S431
Turbine generator (collection) GH-530, GH-S431
Hydroelectric generator GH-530, GH-S431
  • Wind turbine

Generator excitation MH-460, MH-53
  • Industrial motor

DC motor / generator (over 100kW) GH-4031, GH-911
DC motor / generator (less than 100kW) GH-911, GH-S431
Induction motor GH-S431, MH-35, MH-43
  • Industrial machinery

Spindle motor MH-53, HCB-5G
Large current collection (Plating) MH-31A, MH-77
Signal MH-52
  • Elevator

DC motor GH-720
Grounding (Earth) MH-77
  • Dump truck

Generator for drive motor GH-720
  • Crane

Trolley (power supply) MH-70A, MH-77
Gantry crane MH-70A