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Base Materials for PWBs

Multilayer Materials

Glass Epoxy Multilayer Material is superior in heat resistance and applicable to lead-free soldering process. A wide range of materials is available, such as low warpage, standard FR-4, high heat resistance, high insulation resistance, and halogen-free materials.

Materials for ICT infrastructure

Selection of halogen free materials is available for high-layer count PWB with high heat resistance property for lead-free soldering process.

Materials for Fine Patterning

Copper foil suitable for fine line patterning by semi-additive process.

Polyimide Multilayer Material

Polyimide multilayer material MCL-I-671 is composed of low-temperature curing type glass modified polyimide resin which can be processed as conventional FR-4. Resin flow control technology enables production of high to low flow prepregs.

Low Loss Adhesive Film

Film material with excellent dielectric properties and adhesion to PTFE.

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