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Molding Die Cleaning Sheets

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Cleaning Molding Dies

The molding die cleaning sheets developed by Showa Denko Materials can clean by simply being heated in between molding dies. This not only shortens cleaning times, it helps boost productivity and maintains quality.

Innovative Solution

Time-Saving and Safe! Molding Dies Can be Cleaned Without Having to be Removed

Typically, cleaning molding dies involves several steps: cooling and removing the molding dies from the machine, cleaning the molding dies, and mounting and reheating the dies back to temperature. This can take a great deal of time and effort.

Our molding die cleaning sheets are placed in between the molding dies, while they are still attached to the molding equipment, and heated using the same process used to mold parts. This allows the removal of stains stuck to the molding die and thin burrs on the surface between the dies that most other cleaners cannot reach.

Product Features

Reduces Machine Downtime by Over 50%

The typical cleaning process in the industry takes about 2 hours (120 minutes); this does not include the time that it takes to cool the machine, remove the molding die, replace the molding die, and reheat and machine. Assuming that a machine has to be cleaned every 2-4 hours and the lines run 24 hours a day, a machine will be down at least 8-12 hours each day just for cleaning!

Comparatively our molding die cleaning sheet process only takes about 40 minutes total. There is no cooling of the machine and removal of the die. Using the same assumption that a machine has to be cleaned every 2-4 hours and the lines run 24 hours a day, a machine will be down only 3-6 hours each day!

Process comparison with general alkaline cleaning

General alkaline cleaning process

Example of using our cleaning sheets

Perforated Sheet For Size Customization

Not all molding dies are the same size, so why should you be forced to use the same amount of cleaner for each machine. Our molding die cleaning sheets come in a standard sheet size, but with perforations that allow you to tear off small amounts of the sheet at a time. Giving you the ability to use a single sheet for multiple machines or cleanings.

Cleans Even the Most Difficult to Reach Areas

As more and more companies start to miniaturize their products, the molding die cavities are becoming smaller and more difficult to clean thoroughly. Our molding die cleaning sheets are able to fill fine cavities down to the millimeter level. This capability allows them to adhere to and remove stains in areas always considered the most difficult to clean such as the corners and the surfaces of the dies.

(CAV: 1.5mm × 2.5mm × 1.0mmt) The sheet fills the entire mold including the corners

Easy to Use

To clean the machine, there is no new process to be learned, nor a need to turn the machines off. The cleaning sheet is simply laid onto the machine and the die is closed. After the sheet expands and hardens, the die is reopened and the sheet and stains/residue are peeled off together in one piece.

How to Use Our Molding Die Cleaning Sheets

How to Use Our Molding Die Cleaning Sheets

Non-Toxic, and Eco-Friendly Materials

The molding die cleaning sheets are made using eco-friendly materials. A special disposal process is not required after use.

They are also non-toxic, providing everyone with peace of mind. Employees are ensured safe working conditions while handling the molding die cleaning sheets.

They are the only molding die cleaning product currently available that is both non-toxic and eco-friendly.