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14th EV&HV,PHV Technology Expo (in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD2023)

Dates Jan. 25 (Wed) - 27 (Fri), 2023
Venue & Booth No. Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Description Showa Denko and  Showa Denko Materials (former Hitachi Chemical) will be merged and change its company name to Resonac, effective January 1st, 2023.
Resonac defines its purpose as “Change society through the power of chemistry.”
As a “Co-creative Chemical Company,” Resonac will aim at ensuring sustainable growth and enhancing enterprise value through such co-creative efforts.
In this exhibition, Resonac will propose "Environmental Contribution Technologies" and solutions for automotive innovations from the aspects of the "Weight reduction," "Electrification," and "Thermal Management".
We look forward to your visit.
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International Conference on Gears 2022

Dates September. 12 (Mon) - 14 (Wed), 2022
Venue FZG, Garching/Munich, Germany
Description High strength plastic gear
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JPCA Show 2022

Dates June 15th (Wed) - 17th (Fri) 2022 10:00-17:00
Location Tokyo Big Site, Japan East Hall 5 (5D-04)
  • Base Materials for Packages
  • Base Materials for ICT Infrastructure / IoT Applications
  • Base Materials for Automotive ADAS Applications
  • Photosensitive Materials for Fine Patterning
  • Photosensitive Insulating Materials for Packages
  • Packaging Solution Center
NPI Presentation Introduction of MCL-E-795G. High modulus Low CTE material for Printed Wiring Boards.
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SEMICON Japan Virtual

Dates December 14 to 17, 2020 (Available on demand until January 15, 2021)
Exhibited Porducs * We introduce our products or technoloies in the vertual booth on web
* We exhibit it joining with Showa Denko K.K
  • Materials for Advanced Packages
  • Materials for SiP/AiP/sensor, Under-fill film, Base materials for substlate, Photosensitive materials, Isotropic conductive film
  • Process materials and equipment for wafer process
    High purity gases, High purity solvents, PFC gas scrubber, CMP slurry
  • Materials for Power Device
    SiC epitaxial wafer, Cooling device/material, Sintering Cu paste, Insulating materials, and others
  • Open Innovation in our Packaging Solution Center
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12th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo (in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD2020)

Dates Jan. 15 (Wed) - 17 (Fri), 2020
Venue & Booth No. Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
  • Traction motor materials
  • Lithium-ion battery materials
  • Power module materials
  • Noise & vibration management device and materials
  • Semiconductor packaging materials
  • Base materials for PWB
  • Others
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