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Past Events & Exhibition

SEMICON Japan Virtual

Dates December 14 to 17, 2020 (Available on demand until January 15, 2021)
Exhibited Porducs * We introduce our products or technoloies in the vertual booth on web
* We exhibit it joining with Showa Denko K.K
  • Materials for Advanced Packages
  • Materials for SiP/AiP/sensor, Under-fill film, Base materials for substlate, Photosensitive materials, Isotropic conductive film
  • Process materials and equipment for wafer process
    High purity gases, High purity solvents, PFC gas scrubber, CMP slurry
  • Materials for Power Device
    SiC epitaxial wafer, Cooling device/material, Sintering Cu paste, Insulating materials, and others
  • Open Innovation in our Packaging Solution Center
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12th Int'l Automotive Electronics Technology Expo (in AUTOMOTIVE WORLD2020)

Dates Jan. 15 (Wed) - 17 (Fri), 2020
Venue & Booth No. Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
  • Traction motor materials
  • Lithium-ion battery materials
  • Power module materials
  • Noise & vibration management device and materials
  • Semiconductor packaging materials
  • Base materials for PWB
  • Others
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Dates September 18 (Wed) - 20 (Fri), 2019
Location Portmesse Nagoya, Japan
  • Materials for motor
  • Materials for lithium-ion battery
  • Materials for power module
  • Molded plastics for body/engine
  • Powder metal parts
  • Semiconductor packaging materials
  • Materials for display
  • Others
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JPCA Show 2019

Dates June 5th (Wed) - 7th (Fri) 2019
Location Tokyo Big Site, Japan
Description 1. West Hall 3
  • Base Materials Base Materials for Packages
  • Base Materialse for ICT Infrastructre / IoT Applicatuons
  • Base Materials for Automotive ADAS Applications
  • Photosensitive Materials Photosensitive Materials for Fine Partterning
  • Photosensitive Inslation Materials for Packages
  • Packaging Solution Center
2. West Hall Atrium / 3D MID Pavilion
  • Cu Paste for High Ampacity Circuit
NPI Presentation Next Generation Low Transmission Loss Multilayer Material MCL-LW-990G
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PCIM Europe 2019

Dates May 7th (Tue) - 9th (Thu), 2019
Location Exhibition Center Nuremberg, Germany
  • High Heat Resistant Epoxy Molding Compound
  • High Heat Resistant Encapsulant for Case Module
  • Sintering Cu Paste
  • Low Elastic Modulus Sintering Paste
  • High Heat Resistant Insulating Coating Material
  • Thermal Interface Material
  • High Heat Resistance Injection Molding Case
  • Low Elastic Modulus Base Material
  • High Thermal Insulating Material
  • Soft Magnetic Core
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